Privacy Policy

This privacy policy enlightens you regarding the way in which Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd gathers, utilizes, and reveals your data gathered through the Website. We encourage you to read and completely understand our privacy policy before submitting your information to our website and review it for any changes during your website visit.

Collection of Information:

The information provided by you to us is voluntary, which includes all the personal data (name, address, phone number, etc.) and non-personal data. The information you submit is used to fulfill a specific tasks. You can access, alter, redress, and wipe out the information about you which has been gathered as per your choice to become a user of the website. In the event that you update any data identifying with you, we may keep a duplicate of the data which you initially gave to us in its chronicles. You have the privilege to pull back your assent whenever, as per the terms of the privacy policy, yet please take note of that withdrawal of assent won’t be retroactive.

Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd ’s essential objective in gathering information is to provide the user with a customized ordeal on our websites. This includes customized services, intuitive correspondence and other services.

Cookie Data:

The Site utilizes cookies relying upon the features offered. To improve our services we use cookies for gathering information such as Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer, browser type and operating system, URL of the site you came from and you are leaving to, behavior pattern of the user, and a number of visitors to the Site. To personalize and advertise our services we share cookies and tracking information with an authorized third party. Personal identification information is not stored in cookies and cookies don’t give access to your computer.

Sharing of Information:

You ought to share some information while purchasing online. The personal details (name, phone number, address) are shared with delivery/conveyance service provider (third party) and sensitive information (card details, bank) are shared with payment gateway (third party).

The information gathered from your access and use of our services including internet service provider (ISP), browser type, operating system, location, URL of the site you came from and you are leaving to, behaviour pattern of the user, and number of visitors to the Site, name, phone number, email etc can be shared with authorized third party to customize our service and perform behaviour pattern analytics.

In uncommon situations like law requirements or any other situation which may harm Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd may lead to uncover the information provided by you.

Information Security :

Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd takes all the necessary steps to keep your personal information safe and secure.  Your information is accessed only by approved representatives, operators and contractual workers (who have consented to keep data secure and secret).

Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd takes no responsibility on the actions taken by third party that receive your information and shall not be considered responsible for any misfortune, harm or abuse of Your Information by third party.

Other Site Links:

Chalukya Realty Pvt Ltd is responsible only for the content in website which it controls. We don’t have any control over site showed as indexed lists or links from inside its administrations. It’s solo responsibility of the user to read the privacy policy of third party sites.


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